Forey Battery GmbH –
the clean battery

Forey means forever young –
the name stands for a battery that does not age

Forey Battery GmbH is a young company that, on the basis of a technology and patent license agreement, has the right to exclusively market batteries from High Performance Battery AG (Switzerland) for all fields of application in the energy industry, at all grid levels and also building-related installations in Germany and Austria.

Forey Battery GmbH is also entitled to grant sublicenses to companies in the energy industry.

What are the customer benefits Forey Battery offers?

It offers companies and private households security, comfort, cost-effectiveness and cost reduction as well as sustainability!

Security against supply interruptions and rising purchase prices for electricity, as we are currently experiencing.

Convenience because the battery – combined with photovoltaics or other renewable energy sources and intelligent control – ensures that important devices are always reliably available without interruptions, and no one has to worry about supply interruptions.

Cost-effectiveness and cost reduction, because, for example the battery significantly increases the degree of utilization of self-generated photovoltaic electricity or it helps to use price differences effectively when purchasing electricity.

Sustainability, because the battery of High Performance AG does not age and therefore it generates a corresponding benefit for our customers!

That’s why we need batteries based on a new technology: that of High Performance Battery AG

Let’s invest in this new technology now!

The battery technology of High Performance Battery AG and the product are well developed, but currently there is not yet a corresponding industrial production plant.

We know from the energy industry that all forms of electricity storage are required on the way to zero emission in order to meet the requirements of the energy transition. However, there is still no reasonable regulatory framework for the use of batteries, in particular there is no complete exemption from grid charges for electricity storage.

As we all know, if you are late, life punishes you. The energy transition can only succeed if investments for the future are set in motion now, well before the power grids go to their knees.

That is why Forey Battery GmbH has set itself the goal of laying the foundation for the industrial production of battery storage systems based on the technology of High Performance Battery AG.

When the first batteries leave the factory in two, latest three years, it is high time; they will find rapid acceptance.
The need for such a clean battery is already there today!

Betting on the future is not without risk. Without bets on the future, there is no such thing as future.

The chance of winning this bet is enormous. The business plan for the “7.5 GWh Factory” shows a cumulative cash flow of over one billion euros in the 10th year.

Companies in the energy industry, companies in heating markets, in house building and energy storage technology as well as financing companies focused on sustainable investments are cordially invited to participate in the investment.

Irrespective of this, we can offer such companies access to the scarce batteries production capacities as part of pre-marketing.

The technology

Safe, sustainable
and almost infinite.

The big difference to conventional lithium-ion batteries

Conventional lithium-ion batteries age comparatively quickly, as a top layer is created on the anodes by charging and discharging. This grows over time and with each use, the faster the more intensively the battery is used. This growth of the top layer consumes capacity and increases the internal resistance, the performance of the battery decreases as a result, short-lived life is the result.

The decisive difference to other solid-state batteries

In many solid-state batteries, the solid ion conductor is introduced as a pre-manufactured component. In addition to the production problems that arise in this process, there is another one: the ion contact resistance at the material boundaries. During cycling, there is a significant change in volume in the cell. The ion-emitting electrodes shrink, the ion-absorbing electrodes grow. However, the internal resistance during use depends on the quality of the surface connection between electrode and electrolyte. Since the volume increase does not take place evenly over the surface, but rather selectively, only the tips of the surface of the electrode get contact with the solid ion conductor. The following applies: The lower the contacting, the higher the internal resistance.

The innovative battery technology of High Performance Battery Holding AG overcomes this problem decisively. With this technology, a very thin top layer forms on the anode during the first load. After that, it no longer grows. The solid ion conductor is the result of a chemical reaction within the cell. As a result, electrodes and solid ion conductors interlock, which is why there is no “surface tear” between the materials. The solid ion conductor grows into the pore volume of the electrodes and, due to this interlocking, follows the volume work, so to speak.

By using the patented solid ion conductor, the capacity of the batteries will remain almost constant over the lifetime, no matter how much the battery is stressed.

The battery technology of High Performance Battery Holding AG is safe because the electrolyte is non-flammable and, unlike lithium-ion batteries, the battery cannot explode. No critical raw materials are required for production. This also significantly improves the environmental balance compared to conventional batteries.

That makes all the difference.

Possible fields of application

Ideally, the battery is not only used in one field of application, but combines several applications:

At the same time, the battery can significantly increase the self-consumption of self-generated renewable electricity,
ensure uninterruptible power supply and use price differences between peak and off peak purchase.

Renewable Generation

Photovoltaics is one of the central pillars of renewable power generation today and could become the world’s most important energy source in the coming decades. In terms of plant size and installation location, the technology can be used extremely flexibly, which ensures a wide range of possible applications: from home storage systems and virtual power plants to stand-alone grids and large-scale plants.Wind power is already the most important source of renewable electricity worldwide in terms of quantity. In the future, battery storage systems can play an important role in the management of wind-fluctuating power generation.

Home Electricty Storage


Home storage systems have enormous, still largely untapped potential for the energy transition. They can not only contribute to increasing the self-consumption of self-generated electricity, but also serve as a household buffer. Households thus become a realistic and quantitatively significant starting point for grid-friendly load management.

Charging Infrastructure


The use of battery storage systems can make a significant contribution to minimising the necessary grid expansion and at the same time improving charging comfort.

Data Centers

Data centers are an essential part of the economic system, the importance of which will continue to increase due to digitisation. They are particularly dependent on a reliable power supply. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems provide important protection against interference. Batteries play a central role here: they secure the power supply of the data center in the event of grid failures until further security mechanisms take effect.

District Solutions


Neighbourhood solutions enable individual districts or large consumers (e.B shopping centres) to achieve a certain degree of self-sufficiency despite being integrated into an electricity distribution network. Above all, this involves an energy-efficient and climate-friendly coupling of heat, electricity and mobility with the integration of state-of-the-art communication technologies. The potential is great, because urban areas continue to grow.

Balancing Energy

Balancing energy is essential for a secure power supply. In power grids, supply and demand must always be balanced, otherwise there is a risk of power outages. Batteries are usually discussed as a primary reserve because of their short-term availability. However, they can also be used for longer-term control requirements and are therefore a particularly versatile option for the provision of control energy.


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